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  • "Another quilt top in the post and on its way. Getting my quilts back from Debbie quilted to perfection is a treat and worth every penny. Even the most mundane of quilt tops is transformed into a gorgeous quilt worthy of any home. Debbie is a delight to work with so relaxed and accommodating, I am so glad that I stumbled across Debbie."

  • Michelle Lowe

  • 03 Jan 2014

 Welcome to longarm-quilting.co.uk


longarm-quilting.co.uk offers quilting services help to finish your quilts more easily and quickly with clear pricing based on your quilt size.


longarm-quilting.co.uk has quilted for customers in Europe and the US as well as many customers in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Suffolk, Cambridshire, Hertfordshire - please contact me to discuss your needs.


There any many different ways to finish your quilt and longarm-quilting.co.uk offers:-


Basting Service 


We can join the 3 layers of your quilt to enable you to finish your quilt by hand or on your own machine.  


Allover edge to edge


Using the computer guided Statler Sticher we can quilt with an all over design - a few of these can be seen on the patterns page.    We use many of your favourite, traditional and novelty designs but if you have a theme or fancy something different, please ask and we will provide.


Custom Quilting


We can stitch in the ditch, or quilt the blocks and borders separately.



Help is happily given in deciding which pattern and thread would go well with your quilt or project.


Why choose longarm-quilting.co.uk?


We are friendly, professional, experienced and willing to help.

The quilt is fantastic and I am delighted with your quilting. Thank you for all your help and the work you did. Terrific! Chris
Chris Mitchell
I am so pleased you suggested custom work for my last quilt. I was very pleased with the all-over designs but the different feather patterns in the blocks made such a lovely quilt.
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